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Prince of Tides, The

1991 – Howard talks about liking Barbra Streisand as a director and actor, but hates her as a singer.  He likes the story of a therapist falling in love with one of her clients, says that’s his fantasy.  Gary talks about this movie when he wonders what KC would be like during a therapy session.

George Carlin was in studio, and Howard told him, “I can’t lie to you, but I didn’t like the movie,” but he thought George was good in it.  He asked him how he got the part of the gay neighbor, and George said he had to go to Barbra’s apartment to audition, and then after he read the part, he asked her for the part, staying in character.  Howard said he couldn’t do that, and that George was well enough known that he shouldn’t have to audition, and ask Barbra for a part.  Howard said George was better than Nick Nolte who mumbled his way through the entire movie. Howard wanted to see it with his wife, but Richard Simmons wanted to see it with him, so they went together. Then he wonders if Richard read for the part, too, but quickly says that Richard’s all man, though he loves Barbra.  Howard says Barbra’s supposed to be this therapist, she’s got these big nails, she’s crossing and uncrossing her legs and within 3 minutes Nick is banging her on the couch.  First he’s crying “This guy had sex with me” and then in 3 seconds he’s on the couch banging Barbra and he’s cured, and his wife takes him back.  Thought it was kind of silly.

This was the movie that Richard Simmons cried about because he’d wanted Howard to go see with him and he wouldn’t.

Prince of Tides on IMDb

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