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Rambo (2008) (from First Blood series)

2008 –

1982 – The frequently played sound byte of Richard Crenna telling Rambo “It’s over, Johnny….  IT’S OVER!” comes from this movie.  They must love the movie, though they do goof on Sylvester Stallone.  Howard said the 2nd Rambo was better than the first.  He said the 3rd Rambo sucked, and they’re going to make the 4th Rambo pitting Rambo against Osama bin Laden.

Sylvester Stallone was on the phone in 2008 to plug the newest Rambo.  Howard said he and Robin were expecting the worst with this film.  Sylvester said he was skeptical as well, as it had been 20 years since his last Rambo film and he’d gotten older.  He figured he’d get slammed, people saying Rambo was going to break a hip.  Howard said, swear to God, this is the best Rambo ever.  Has great violence and a great story.  Robin doesn’t believe it will be good, but Howard said go see it if you like the Rambo movies, it’s the best one so far.  Sylvester said that Arnold Schwartzenegger and his daughter called him and said they both loved the movie.

First Blood on IMDb

Rambo:  First Blood Part II  1985

Rambo III  1988

Rambo IV 2008

Rambo on IMDb

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