Rampage 1 & 2 Capital Punishment & poss 3

2009 –

In 2015, Howard played a clip of director going on UTube complaining he couldn’t get enough money raised by fans on Kick Starter to make Rampage 3. He’s real bitter that no one donated and goes on a rant – mad at Iron Man and Avengers – are all retarded idiots and the creators can’t create, then he goes off against Jenny from the Block. He’s threatening to leave the business, and telling fans to fuck themselves for not donating. He says it looks like nobody gives a shit about Rampage 3 and Robin said it’s a good thing he knows no one wants to see it before he makes it. Rampage 3 was supposed to be about a guy blowing up A-list celebrities, which Howard and Robin said maybe it would be fun to see.

Rampage on IMDb

Rampage – Capital Punishment on IMDb (2014)

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