Red 2

2013 –  So, Ralph didn’t like it.  He tweeted: Just watched RED 2…and by watched I mean, just turned it off…what a SHIT MOVIE! AWFUL SCRIPT…gets a SOLID “REALLY SUCKS”; then:  Btw…it takes A LOT for me to bail on a movie…did I mention it was TOTAL SHIT? #RED 2; then he responded to @SHABOOTY who said “I slaved thru watching that” by saying “DUDE…u should get THE PURPLE HEART for that! #NOJOKE; then  when a fan disagreed, saying it was a fun popcorn flick, he said “My problem was it SUCKED…FUN if you’re an IDIOT    Then later that same night:  SO ANNOYED…CHILLIN but I have to run out and return RED2  I REFUSE to pay another penny for that #SHITSHOW

Red 2 on IMDb


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