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Revenge of the Nerds

1984 -Howard and Robin love this movie.  In 2013, Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong were in studio to plug a nerds reality show, and they talked about this movie.  Robert Carradine played Booger, and said that James Cromwell, who played his father, came up with the laugh, thinking like father, like son.  They both said this movie was a lot of fun to make, and Howard said again that the nerds have inherited the earth, with computer nerds being the new rock stars.  They said that Anthony Edwards killed Revenge of the Nerds III, as he was already filming the TV show ER.  Richard Christy had told Howard before they came in studio that he’d come in his pants if Robert did the Booger laugh.  Artie loved this movie. On GEEKTIME!, Ralph said this movie wouldn’t work now, because nerds do have power now.  Richard was talking about Jason Collins coming out as the first openly gay basketball player, and he said that wasn’t true, the first one was Lamar Latrell from Revenge of the Nerds.

John Goodman was in studio.  Richard said he loved him in this movie.  Howard didn’t remember him in that, but John said he played a football coach.  He and Howard both said that was a good movie.

In 2014 on the WUS, Benjy asked if the last scene in Revenge of the Nerds was rape and she thinks she’s having sex with someone else.  JD said that they ended up being a couple in the end, and she didn’t press charges, so she obviously was ok with it.  JD says it’s a great movie.  He called it art.  Jon Hein says John Goodman plays the best football coach ever on film.

Revenge of the Nerds on IMDb


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