RoboCop (1987)

1987 – Howard loved this action movie.  He likes the director, who did Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers, Total Recall and Showgirls (though he didn’t like the last one)

Ralph had Peter Weller on GEEKTIME! and told him that this movie was in his top 20 movies of all time, meaning he’s seen this movie at least 20 times and always loves it.  When there is talk of a remake, Ralph says that’s total heresy.

Ralph tweeted:  Even though it’s not based on a comic book when thinking about the GREATEST SUPERHERO MOVIES, U MUST consider ROBOCOP #illBUYthatFORAdollar

RALPH then tweeted on 2/13/14:   (@MYGEEKTIME) 2/13/14, 9:55 AM  Well, i did the UNTHINKABLE…I went to see @RoboCop    …Even worse, I LIKED IT!

Image by Tom Addeslton

Image by Tom Adelsbach


RoboCop on IMDb

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