Royal Tenenbaums

2001 –  Howard and Robin were really surprised that Owen Wilson wrote this one.  Robin really liked it.  Howard did, too, but he got there an hour before the movie started because otherwise you can’t get a seat even if you buy a ticket.  The black janitors made him wait anyway-they wouldn’t let him sit down just because he came early.  Robin says that’s why she goes to London to see a movie-they assign seats there.  Howard said he brought magazines to read while waiting.  He said the first 10 minutes of the movie are kind of slow, and he and Beth thought about leaving.  But then Gene Hackman showed up, and he’s amazing so they stayed and really liked it.  Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t smile during the entire movie-Howard said anyone could have played her role.  Howard still can’t believe she won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love–he says it wasn’t that good of a movie, and she adds nothing to these movies.

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