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Saturday Night Fever

1977 -Howard said that parts of Gary’s “I Want You Back” tape, Gary sounded like Tony Manero, the John Travolta character is this movie.  Gary said that he often runs into the “fat chick” from this movie, as she worked in a place that sold the  cartoon cells that he collected.

Robin said the Bee Gees Tribute Show was really good. Howard said he liked the Bee Gees but could never get into their Saturday Night Fever and other disco hits. It was like a movie where aliens took the Bee Gees and replaced them with these guys in white suits. Robin said John Travolta told stories about it being his idea to have the song Staying Alive play while he was walking. Howard doesn’t buy it. Even if it was true, it was a night about the Bee Gees, not John Travolta.

Saturday Night Fever on IMDb

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