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Saving Mr. Banks

2013 – Howard said the new movie Saving Mr. Banks about the making of the Disney film, Mary Poppins,  sounds like the most boring movie ever-who wonders who green lit this one?  Then he was surprised to learn that it was actually a Disney movie.  He played a clip of Emma Thompson talking about the movie, and he thinks she sounds like the most boring woman-he’d never hire her to do the PR for any movie. Says that Disney must be rolling over in his grave.  Robin said that Mary Poppins was one of the biggest Disney films ever.

In 2014, Howard loved ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ & ‘Blue Jasmine’. He said Beth drug him to see Saving Mr. Banks. He thought he’d hate it, but it was great.  Said Tom Hanks was so great, and Emma Thompson deserves an Oscar, but then said Cate Blanchette also deserved it for Blue Jasmine.  He said both these performances are great, and these woman can act their asses off.

Saving Mr. Banks on IMDb

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