Scream (1-4)

1996 – Courtney Cox and David Arquette met during the making of this first Scream movie. They said they are really fun movies.  Courtney said these movies chronicled their relationship, as they met during the making of the first one, got married during the 2nd, had their daughter Coco on the 3rd and split up during the 4th.  Robin was talking about these films and said she loved Scream 3.

They made a parody of a movie promo for Scream 3, and it was clips from Scott the Engineer screaming during his prep for the pushup contest.  “Told you not to use the goddamn tape!”

In 2015, Drew Barrymore was in studio. She said she got the idea for Scream from a Stranger Calls and Psycho that a major cast member dies in the beginning. She wanted to be killed right at the beginning, and Howard said that brilliant.

Scream on IMDb  1996

Scream 2 on IMDb 1997

Scream 3 on IMDb 2000

Scream 4 on IMDb 2011

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