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Secretary, The

2002 –

In 2014, On The Tapes, Howard was talking about the movie The Secretary with James Spader.  Howard loved it, but Robin said she had to stop watching it it was so bad.  Howard said he loved the S & M – doesn’t like it in real life, but loves to watch it in the movies.  James Spader is a real creepy boss, and has his secretary bent over the desk for a day and a half.  And then he calls her in when she makes a mistake and it starts all over.

July of 2014, Maggie Gyllenhaal was in studio.  Her mother was a screenwriter and wrote Running on Empty.  She’s in to plug her new movie opening this week The Honourable Woman.  Howard said that her career really took off after the film with James Spader, The Secretary.  He said Mr. Skin said that that film had the #1 scene men used for jerking off.  When Howard wondered if there was any sexual tension between the two during that movie, she said that one time he made a point of ordering really expensive chocolates that he ended up asking her into his side of the trailer to share with her.  Then he would come up to her in between scenes and touch behind her legs below her skirt, so yes, she was hot for him, but it was all prep for the movie, building up that tension so it would be real on screen.  Before that movie, James Spader was more known as a pretty boy from Sex, Lies and Videotape.  Howard asked her if any actor had been inappropriate with her during filming, and she said not any of the serious, great actors.  They’re too focused on their performance.

The Secretary on IMDb

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