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Seinfeld (TV Series)

1990 – 1998  Howard talks about his father loving this show.  He watches the reruns and knows every show.  Jason Alexander is a celebrity superfan and has been on the show often.  Jason Kaplan, Steve Brandano and Jon Hein are huge Seinfeld show fans.  Jason Kaplan says it’s like a bible to him.

Howard said his is Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Jerry said he loved Abbott and Costello, and his Seinfeld show was based on these movies. He wanted his characters to exist around crazy and mean people, and then to never have a lesson or hug at the end of an episode.

Howard said that his favorite Seinfeld episodes are when Kramer gets the Merv Griffin set for his living room, when George takes off his bathing suit and reveals his small penis and the masturbation episode. Howard asked if Rosie O’donnell had auditioned for the Elaine part, and Jerry couldn’t remember as there had been so many people that auditioned.  Larry David had left before the final 2 seasons, and Jerry said he probably could have continued the show longer if Larry had stayed, but that it worked out great.  He says he has a great sense of timing with his comedy and life and knew it was time.  He was grateful that Larry left when he did because it gave him the chance to run the entire show by himself for 2 years.  It was crazy but he did it. Howard said it was great that Jerry hired Michael Richards for Kramer, because he had been this crazy comic who was great on the Fridays show, but no one knew how to put that comic genius to work and use his talent correctly.  Jerry said that Michael took that character to the limit and he was great. Howard said another comic who hasn’t had that kind of chance to show his genius in TV or movies is Martin Short, and Jerry said he could have done the Kramer part well, too, but Michael was brilliant.

David Allen Grier was in studio, and Howard asked him about the story that he’d auditioned for the part of George.  He said he was awful, and Jerry was awful, and he thought the show would be awful.  It was the kind of awful where you could see the actors mouthing the other people’s lines so they’d know when they’re supposed to say something next.  He said it was like Jerry saying, “Well, George, what do you want to do?” and he’d say, “Let’s get some coffee.” and that was the script.

In December, 2013, The @jasonkaplanfanclub reminded Jason & I that Jason also said on the Wrap-Up Show that Seinfeld was the greatest sitcom of all time.

Image by Doc Ivan

 Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan


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