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Sharknado & Sharknado 2

Image by  Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan


Image by Doc Ivan
Image by Doc Ivan

In March of 2014, Benjy was asked to be in Sharknado 2. He plays a homeless doomsday prophet.  Benjy decides that his character will not be frightened by the shark; he will embrace it like the rapture.

2013 – Howard says they’re going to remake this movie as Tardnado, with Gary and Wendy the Retards.  Howard wants to see how they got this made.  He imagines when Ian got the call from his agent about this movie and gets told the awful premise, and then laughs at Tara and Tara gets the call and laughs at Ian.

Howard was saying The Grey was really good. That it was about these plane crash survivors getting eaten by sharks.  Robin said it made as much sense as Sharknado.  Howard said the movie almost didn’t get made because the sharks didn’t want to work with Ian Zierring and Tara Reid.  Robin did a news story about a woman snorkeling that got eaten by a shark, and Howard was saying that’s a terrible way to go, as everyone laughs when you tell them how someone died. Howard says this is such a wonderful movie.

The SciFi channel announced it will be making the sequel to this movie, and Howard wondered if Ian’s Zierring would get picked up by the tornado this time and fall on people.  He’ll get whirled around in the tornado and then there will be hundreds of Ian’s Zierrings falling on people.  Then Howard and Robin had a discussion as to who would win: Spider Man vs Sharnado, or Batman vs Sharknado?

Howard forgot to watch Sharknado. He said ratings went way up the 2nd time they showed it, and they didn’t credit his audience.  The caller said they should do the sequel and have Howard hitting a golf ball 300 yards into the sharks.

Howard was talking about a two headed girl in the news that had announced one of the heads had gotten engaged.  Howard decided he need to remake the old classic movie The Thing With 2 Heads.  It was an awful movie with no special effects. Howard says they’ve got to do a remake with this girl with 2 heads.  Howard said Sharknado was the first attempt to bring back the shitty special effects movie.

They talked about NBC replaying Sound of Music because it got so many viewers, but Howard said it was like Sharknado;they wanted to replay it so  everyone could watch to see how bad she really was in it.

Howard was talking about seeing Sharknado 2 Robin said it’s really compelling. Gary said he watched it with 12 people and no one wanted to turn it off.  Howard said “I was ready to see Benjy die a horrible death and they robbed me of that moment” because they went to black instead of showing him being eaten.  Howard says his belly falls out of his shirt.  Benjy said it does, but it’s his character’s belly.

Benjy says his death in Sharknado 2 is not ambiguous- it’s biguous.  He says he’ll be in Sharknado 3 and they’ll bring his character back.  JD says they could make him the twin of the guy who died.

Sharknado on IMDb 2013

Sharknado 2, The Second One on IMDb 2014

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

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