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Smokey and the Bandit

1977 –

Hal Needham died in 2013.  Howard said he was Burt Reynolds’ stuntman for years and then approached Burt and asked if he could direct, and Burt said sure. He was highly paid and friends with Burt, who was dating Sally Fields at the time.  He directed Smokey and the Bandit.  There wasn’t even a full script.  He said to them “just drive around in a car and we’ll have stunts and crashes.” It was the biggest piece of shit on the planet, but made a ton of money, about $132 million dollars back then when that was a money and was a huge hit that spawned sequel after sequel.  It made so much money that Hal took out a full page ad with a picture of himself smiling with a wheelbarrow full of money next to all of the reviewers bad comments about the movie–speaking of a Fuck You!  The 3rd movie didn’t have Burt Reynolds, so didn’t do as well.  But then he went and did the Cannonball Run movies.  Howard said he has never seen either of those movies, and Robin said she hasn’t either.  Howard said the audience for these movies are the grownup Honey Boo Boos.  He said no Northerner went to see Smokey; nobody with any intellectual ability-and Robin said they’re like the Tea Partiers.  Howard says anyone who’s seen those movies aren’t normal.  They’re all listening to Sarah Palin and thinking she’d be a good president.  It’s talking to that fucking audience.

Afterwards, on the Wrap-Up Show, Jon and Gary said they both enjoyed these movies.

Smokey and the Bandit on IMDb

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