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Sons of Anarchy (TV Series)

2008 –

The guy from Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter was in along with his wife, Katey Segal.  Howard and Fred love the show.  They talked about him getting his start in the Punisher movies and Hooligans and The Shield.  Howard asked him why he’d been critical of Mad Men, but then got sidetracked and never got an answer.  He has a fear of dolls, which Howard does, too.  He says it’s from the Twilight Zone Talking Tina, and he agrees.  He said the people from Sons of Anarchy should beat up on the cast of Glee at the Emmy’s.

Howard couldn’t believe Kurt Sutter would put his wife in bed with all these great looking guys without getting jealous, plus she’s raped and beaten in the series.  He wonders how he can stand it.  Katey says they can separate fiction from real life pretty easily.  He says they look like the happiest couples in Hollywood.

In December, 2013, Jason tweeted: Every week I think no way Sons of Anarchy can get crazier than the last. And this season I’m always wrong. Great stuff!

In March, 2014, Howard is talking about Ronnie’s new tattoo of his dog Dudley put on his arm randomly among a ton of animals that it’s starting to look like a zoo. Fred says it’s like out of Sons of Anarchy.

In April 2014, Robin said she’s realized that Justified has spend the entire season on trying to get one shipment of heroine.  Howard says it’s like Sons of Anarchy, where they’re the Bad News Gang and can’t do anything right.

Sons of Anarchy on IMDb

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