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Sopranos, The (TV Series)

1999 – 2007  Howard and Robin loved this series.  They loved Tony Soprano, James Gandolfini, and Howard talked about Tony’s visits to his shrink and how he was this monster, but talked to his psychiatrist about daily trials and tribulations, problems with his wife and kids like everybody else.  Howard and Ralph didn’t like how the series ended, Fred did.

In 2013, Howard talked about the death of James Gandolfini. Howard said it was so wrong that the last pictures were from his last meal.  The pictures were like he’s in the zoo, and they analyzed everything he ate.  Howard said he had some odd encounters with James Gandolfini when he got a letter from him after Howard had made a comment that he must always be calling the press to get all these pictures of him playing with his kids.  Howard said Gandolfini was right to call him out about him saying he must have called people to see him be a great dad.  Howard doesn’t buy it that The Sopranos glorifies violence. Howard and Robin think James Gandolfini was great in the role, and the whole series was great.  Robin says a movie can’t glorify violence if you end up killing your friends.  Howard played some of Jon Hein’s special that aired over the weekend about Gandolfini, and part of it was Steve Grillo talking about being a stand-in and getting a role as a pizza customer with a scene.  Jon asked him questions about working with Gandolfini and Grillo called him “Jim,” saying what a great guy he was, like they were best friends, so Howard goofed on that.

Psych and Little Mikey did Robin song parodies to The Sopranos theme. Sales of The Sopranos DVD are top-selling. Howard says who are these maniacs who buy up everything by people who die, but says he’s wanting to watch them as well. The cast of Sopranos is upset with Joey G for giving interviews about James Gandolfini, since they hadn’t spoken in 7 years.  A caller thought that they should have interviewed Grillo again.

  They talked about The Sopranos star James Gandolfini’s estate being worth $70 mil, but with technicalities and taxes it’s now only worth $7 mil.

In 2016, Howard says he started watching the entire series again, and it’s still just as good. One of the best TV series ever.

The Sopranos on IMDb

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