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Sound of Music (TV Special 2013)

Gary watched the live broadcast of Sound of Music with Carry Underwood.  Says she can’t act, but she sure can sing. Howard says girl’s got star power.  It had over 18 million viewers.  Howard said this had one of the best soundtracks, too, and sings all the songs.  Gary watched the whole thing because it was live TV.  She’s horrendous – very wooden, but is an amazing singer.  He says not only are the songs great, but in the stage production they do the same great songs over and over, like Do a deer, Climb Every Mountain at least 3 times. . Then Howard says he would like to perform them for us.  Robin said “That’s when they knew how to write music.”  The guy from True Blood was the male lead and he was horrible as well.  Said he was like on Broadway, where he’d take a step forward whenever it was his turn to speak or sing and move his arms and look at the audience.  Carrie Underwood went on Twitter to reply to all the harsh criticism and said that mean people need Jesus.

They said they rehearsed at least 6 months for the performance, and Fred said they should have taken more time.

The next week they talked about NBC replaying Sound of Music because it got so many viewers, but Howard said it was like Sharknado; everyone could watch to see how bad she really was in it.  Howard said at least she’s cute, but Robin said they put her in these “um-pa-pa” outfits and pinafores and white doilies.

Fred played the new Sound of Music commercial with Howard playing and singing every part.  Robin said it was a great idea-why put somebody in who can already sing-why not be challenged?

Sound of Music on IMDb


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