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Spider-Man & 2 & 3 (Tobey Maguire)

2002 Original – Howard loved this movie.  Said that every movie should have Spider-Man in it.  He didn’t think Kirsten Dunst was hot enough to play Mary Jane.  He thought Tobey McGuire was perfect, and the movie was as close to perfect as you can get.  He thought Spider-Man 2 was even better.  He was very disappointed with Spider-Man 3, as there was all this singing that was totally unnecessary.

James Franco was in studio in 2013 and told the story that he had auditioned for the lead.  Sam Rami asked him to audition as he’d seen him in the James Dean TV movie.  He really wanted the part, but then one day saw Tobey Maguire drive onto the set and they locked eyes, and he knew that Tobey had gotten the part.  Howard said that maybe James had been too good looking to play the Peter Parker role.  James said it worked out better, as Tobey really was great in the role.  But he said at the time he was devastated.  He said it took them 6 weeks to tell him he didn’t get the role.  When they gave it to Tobey, they asked if he wanted to play Spider-Man’s best friend.  He said he wanted to think about it, as he thought there hadn’t been that many good comic book hero movies, only the Tim Burton Batman ones.  He had some offers for some cool independent films, and then he heard Howard and Robin on the radio goofing on the fact that he had to think about playing the role and they both called him an asshole, saying “yeah, right, what else does he have going on?”

He says that Sam Rami and Tobey are very meticulous, talking about every little thing and Tobey makes notes.  Howard said that must have been awful, but James said that Tobey’s notes were always smart, which Howard thought he was saying as damage control.  James said that he and Tobey are still good friends.

1 & 2 were the perfect movie, but Howard didn’t like 3.  Howard says he would go see any movie with Spider-man in it.  The only complaint was that Mary Jane, Kirsten Dunst, wasn’t hot.   Spider-man 3 was a huge disappointment.  They all hated the singing in Spider-man 3.  On GEEKTIME! Jason said the original Spider-man was in his top 3 superhero movies.  Tobey and Kristen had a fling during the first movie, and broke up.  Robin keeps asking if it was awkward working together after they broke up, and Tobey wouldn’t confirm or deny that they were ever together.

Tobey did Seabiscuit between the first and 2nd film.  He’d always had back problems, but got worse with the horse film.  But he insisted those problems were dealt with, and he didn’t use that as a negotiating tool for more money.  Robin asked about the rumor that he had had an affair with Kirsten Dunst, which he neither confirmed or denied. Howard said he should get Sam Rami to kill off Kirsten Dunst and bring in another hot chick to act with.  Howard said that Spider-Man should be in every movie.  Howard said he’s still the bigger star than Tobey Maguire.  Artie said he always thinks of Wonder Boys when he thinks of Tobey.  Tobey talked about his back problems that he’d had, but got worse while he was making Seabiscuit.  There were rumors that he was going to be replaced with Jake Gyllenhaal because of his back problems, but Artie said there was no way, because he got fucked in the ass in Brokeback Mountain.  It would have been ok if he had played a top, but he played a bottom, so Artie said he could never play a superhero.

Artie said Tobey did the greatest move.  After Spider-Man was such a success, he went back to acting class.  Artie said that he imagines the chicks he picks up in that class.

Image by Adam Kap

Spider-Man on IMDb  2002

Spider-Man 2 on IMDb 2004

Spider-Man 3 on IMDb 2007

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