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Star Trek Into Darkness

2013 – Jimmy Kimmel was in studio before this movie came out and said he’s seen this movie and it’s really great.  Howard wants to know how he’s seen it already.  Then JJ Abrams was in studio talking about doing casting for this movie.  He said the main people were easy, but all the little roles casting were a nightmare.  The next day, May 14, 2013, Howard came in and said he’d seen it the night before and loved it.  He said even though he’s not a big 3D fan, this was fantastic.  He said he not only saw it in 3D, but in IMAX as well.  He knows they’ll end up telling us in 10 years that all this 3D will make us go blind.  Howard said he’s seen every Star Trek episode, every series and every movie and loved this one.  There are lots of references from past movies and shows.  He loves the casting of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, and all the casting is good as is the writing.  Says it’s a good solid movie that is going to make a fortune.  Zoe Saldana is really hot, but she’s into Spock.

Ralph and Steve Brandano traded tweets:   : Man Of Steel was excellent. But ST 2 (Star Trek Into Darkness) is the movie to beat this summer.   And then Raph responded: Actually IM3 (Iron Man 3) is the GOLD STANDARD RT

A caller asked George what he thought about the new Sulu.  George thought he was good, and he really likes him as a person, but after Howard asked, said he could work out more.  He doesn’t have good abs.

William Shatner was in studio, and they talked about Star Trek. Howard asked him if he was upset that he wasn’t cast in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek like Leonard Nimoy, and he said no.  He said he’d told Leonard that you know you’re old when you play your character back in time and you’re still old.  When they talked about JJ Abrams getting to also direct Star Wars – which Shatner had said was kind of gluttonous to do both, Shatner explained that he’d meant they were actually competing stories and it didn’t seem right to do both.

Star Trek Into Darkness on IMDb

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