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Star Trek: I, II, III, IV, V & VI

Howard, Robin and Fred love these movies, though they and GEEKTIME! agree that the even numbered movies are the good ones.  I is boring with the long shots of the new Enterprise, and V is the one that William Shatner directed.  They say he wanted to direct after Leonard Nimoy directed IV that was about the whales, and every critic thought was fantastic.  So then William Shatner directs, and there are some painfully boring scenes of the crew singing around the campfire. Star Trek II has Ricardo Montalban all buffed up as Khan, one of the best villains ever.

When George Takei would come on years ago before he came out of the closet, Howard, Billy and Fred would make fun of his great enunciation with that low voice.  Billy said “When I talk, my balls rattle.”   George likes to talk about William Shatner, and how awful he was to work with.  He would steal scenes, and not notice or care anything about the other actors.  Robin says his toupes are so bad, William gets a fuller head of hair the older he gets.  George talks about his childhood spent in the American Japanese Internment Camp behind barb wire, and Howard says, “So you went to camp as a kid.”

Wolfie came into the studio one day to shadow Gary and report on what he does, like Jane Goodall.  When Howard told him to that Jane or Margartet Meade do is observe only, he said he was aware of the Prime Directive from Star Trek to not interfere.

Talking Star Trek . and Howard asks William Shatner how he could have have Ohura playing a temptress to distract the enemy in Star Trek 5, the one he directed.  Howard said that was when she was way past being attractive.  Howard said Scotty in a dress would have been more attractive.  During Robin’s news she announced that DeForest Kelley had died.  Fred did his best Bones impression, saying “Damn, it Jim, I’m a corpse!”


Star Trek: The Motion Picture on IMDb 1979

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan on IMDb 1982

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock  on IMDb 1984

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home on IMDb  1986

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier on IMDb 1989

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country on IMDb 1991




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