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Star Wars IV, V & VI

The Stern show and Geektime especially loved these movies. Say they still hold up.  Love the “I am your father” plotline, and they use that often.

Bill Mahr was on to to a Politically Incorrect show with Beetlejuice, and when he asked about Star Wars Defense, Beetlejuice thought he was asking about this movie.

On GEEKTIME! Ralph said he has many different copies of all these original movies, even on Super 8mm.

Russell Brand says he looks to Howard like his Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi Obi as he follows his career advice.

In 2013, the actor who plays Chewbaccac, Peter Mayhew who’s over 7′ tall, was stopped at the airport for carrying a light saber cane.  Howard and Robin goofed on that for awhile.

In 2013, Howard said Carrie Fisher always talks about her addictions, like that’s the only thing that’s keeping her famous. He wonders does she think it’s cool? He said he was never into Princess Leah; he never thought she was so hot when all the Star Wars fans thought she was so great.

Mark Hammil from Star Wars IV, V & VI was on phone talking to Howard, and Howard said those are the 3 best movies of all time. Mark refused to do his Harrison Ford impression because he says Harrison has a great sense of humor, but not about himself.  Mark says he got points on Star Wars and gets paid on Star Wars merchandise with anything that looks like Luke Skywalker, but if it’s a generic Luke, like a Ken doll, he doesn’t.  Mark said that George Lucas was a genius, as he managed to get the first non-union film made. Then George felt guilty that he made so much money, he gave all the stars a raise.  After Star Wars was filmed, but before it came out, Mark took his hygienist on a date to see Annie Hall to make sure she has a sense of humor.  They’re married now 16 years with 3 kids.  Howard asked if anyone sees Harrison Ford anymore and if Carrie Fisher was a spoiled brat since she had famous parents.  Mark said that he and Carrie started to get together and made out, but decided they shouldn’t go any further, because if it didn’t work out, they were contracted for 3 movies, and it would be awkward.  He said he went to a party with her with a lot of her famous friends, and she was the most normal person there. Mark Hamil was a guest star on Son of the Beach as Divine Rod.  Ralph called in and said that with all the money he spent on Star Wars he should do his Harrison Ford impression. Mark invested his money in real estate, lost a bunch in Texas, now invests in New York City apartments. Craig Gass was in studio as Sam Kinison, and said that he wanted to do Son of the Beach guest star role, too.  Howard said he could be a dead body washing up on shore, and Robin said it could be like Weekend at Bernie’s (Sam’s)

Wednesday they were discussing the re-release of Star Wars with additional deleted scenes and better effects and Grillo went to see it. Howard and Robin were making fun of him, as he says he’s seen the movie over 100 times.  They asked Grillo if all the extra stuff added to the story, and Grillo said no, but there were some cool background scenes and Jaba the Hut and the puppet next to him had eyes.  He used to be a puppet, and now it’s all digital.  These extra 3 minutes didn’t advance the story, but “it’s all visually and stuff.”  Grillo said they were making him feel like a douche bag, and Howard said he was a douche bag.   Howard asked Grillo to recite some lines from the film while Fred plays sound effect from the movies while doing Grillo’s voice at the same time.  Grillo said there was a “floor “in the movie, mispronouncing flaw.  He says when Luke comes out she yells Carrie instead of Leia,  Nothing like breaking the illusion. Howard can’t believe they didn’t fix that with all the remastering Lucas said he did; not like they were really paying attention to detail.  The movie made 36 mil with this extra 3 minutes and it didn’t change a goddamn thing.   Then they talk talk about the rest of the audience.  They can’t believe that many people would pay to see the same movie.  They stood in line with light sabers and in costume-all the retards.    Then they were cheering and booing like Rocky Horror Picture Show. Howard said to give the audience the credit, or lack of credit.  Does the audience look around and feel embarrassed when see all the other people they’re sitting with? Howard said all the money made is gravy, as the movie was made years ago.  Grillo said his dream is to be in one of those movies someday.  Howard said his life goal, and he’s got the brain of a bubble.  Calls him Grillo (Gorillos in the Mist)  Howard says he’s Forrest Gump with an opinion.  A caller asked if Howard was worried about Return of the Jedi coming out the same day as Private Parts, and Howard said Lucas could put out a ton of pictures and his will still kick his ass.  They could put a pecker on Hans Solo, and he’d still win at the box office.  Robin said they’re re-releasing the Godfather trilogy soon, too with no extra footage.

Howard talked to JJ Abrams at Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding in 2013 about the new Star Wars  and Howard wanted to give him his two cents on making the new movie, so he told him to bring C3Po back.  Robin wonders how he’s going to clean up the Star Wars mess, but Howard said he was able to clean up the Star Trek mess and did a great job.  Howard wondered what the hell he’s going to do with the story with all those geeks out there will be watching and criticizing everything.

Howard talking to Eric the Midget, asking him how he takes a shit.  He asked if he had to be carried to the toilet on someone’s back like Yoda.  Artie says, “Shit, I will.”

James Caan was in studio and Howard talked to him about the Godfather series and how he turned down the Harrison Ford role in Star Wars, and that George Lucas decided to go with the no acting format and that’s how Harrison Ford got the job. James Caan doesn’t like Harrison Ford.

When Howard and William Shatner talked about JJ Abrams getting to also direct Star Wars – which Shatner had said was kind of gluttonous to do both, since he’s already doing the Star Trek reboot, Shatner explained that he’d meant they were actually competing stories and it didn’t seem right to do both.

Star Wars IV on IMDb  A New Hope  1977

Star Wars V on IMDb Empire Strikes Back  1980

Star Wars VI on IMDb Return of the Jedi  1983

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Image by @adrockKAP

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

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