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Superman, II, III & IV: The Quest for Peace

1978 – One of Howard and Robin’s favorite movies of all time.  GEEKTIME! loves this one, too.  Howard loves to point to the irony of Christopher Reeve, Superman, ending up in a wheelchair after a horse riding accident.  Sylvester Stallone called in to the show in 2008 and Howard asked him about the rumor that he’d turned down this role.  He said that wasn’t true. He’d auditioned, but the director thought he was too short to play Superman.  Sylvester asked him, “well, if it’s Superman, doesn’t he just hover?” He still didn’t get the part.  Ralph says that Christopher Reeves was the best Superman as he could play Clark Kent and Superman believably.  He said Gene Hackman was great as Lex Luther.  Ralph loves that you can see wires and other cheap stuff in this movie because it was done so cheap.  He says it’s because they spent all the money on getting Marlon Brando.  Ralph also thinks Superman II is the best Superman movie ever.  Howard and Robin didn’t like Superman III with Richard Pryor.  Said it was too silly.  And, never heard any of them talk about IV.

Seth Rogen was in to plug his 2013 movie This Is The End.  Seth said his movie is coming out the same weekend as the new Superman Man of Steel movie, and they talk about how ridiculous it is that they’re telling the same Superman story of him growing up with the same farmer father to instill values and the same villain.

Howard said that watching Fred eat is like watching the Fortress of Solitude from Superman.  Fred surrounds himself with carts and walls so that no one can watch him eat.

Kevin Smith was on the phone talking about when he was writing a script from the graphic novel Death of Superman, which Howard said was great, and wanted to follow that story.  He said he wrote two drafts of the script.  Jon Peters was producer, and said to Kevin that it will be so great because they were men of the streets.  Kevin said that he’s a writer and Jon was a hairdresser, so that they were hardly men of the street.  Kevin said the script was 75% dialogue, and they ended up taking lots of the dialogue out, so he was out.  He said he had been very disappointed in Batman and Robin, especially after the first Tim Burton Batman was so great.  It was like the gay ice capades, but didn’t think it was Arnold’s or Uma’s fault.  He agreed that Christopher Reeve’s Superman was great, and the 2nd movie was crap.

Tim Burton was in studio and Howard asked him about being under contract for a year while he worked on Superman with Kevin Smith.  Tim said they hadn’t even written the script yet, and the studio and McDonald’s were already working on the merchandising.  They wanted Superman to wear corduroy with flames on the sides, so he backed out.  He joked that Kevin Smith was going to write a different Superman, with his father constantly yelling at him to shut up and sit down.

On 7.16.13 Barbara Walters announced that Jenny McCarthy is going to be on The View.  Howard said she’ll wear her glasses to become the smart Jenny.  Robin says it’s like Superman.

James Caan was in studio, and Howard asked him if it was true that he  was also offered the role of Superman.  He said yes, and that Marlon Brando called him asking him to do it, saying he needs some laughs and it would be fun.  He said he told Marlon that it would only be a few weeks work for Marlon, but it was a 2-picture deal, so that James would be committed for months.  He also told Marlon that it would be easy for him to do, but that he (James) would have had to wear the suit, to which Marlon laughed and hung up.   He turned it down.  It was originally going to be done by Mario Puzo and was tongue in cheek and very funny, but then it was Christopher Reeve and was done more seriously.   There was a scene where Clark Kent realized Lois is in love with Superman, and he walks into her office and rips open his shirt to show her that he’s Superman, and she laughs.  Then he runs into his office and looks into the mirror and critiques his looks.   Howard said that would have been awful, and James said it really was funny and would have been good.

In 2016, Jon Cryer is in studio to plug his new book. He was in the TV show Two and a Half Men  with Charlie Sheen and also worked with him in Hot Shots. He was in Pretty in Pink. He was really excited when they cast him in Superman 4, but it turned out to be a bomb. He was going to be working with Gene Hackman and Christopher Reeve, but it was a different company making the movie and that was famous for making bad movies, and Jon said there was a reason they were known for that, because it was awful.

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1987 – Superman IV: The Quest for Peace



Super Mund
Image by Doc Ivan


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