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Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Robin really liked this one. She said she thought it was the best movie of 2017. Jason and Robin really liked the new Star Wars, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Said it was as good as the original ones in the 70’s. Ralph didn’t like it, and Robin said it was because this movie […]


2006 – Howard said this movie was totally implausible, but really good.

Firewall on IMDb


Expendables 3

2014 – Howard loved Expendables 3-says it’s a real bad movie, but he loved it. Robin said she won’t watch it.

Expendables 3 on IMDb

Crossing Over


In 2013, Harvey Weinstein was in studio. Howard said that he’s not produced a bad movie, and Harvey said Crossing Over with Harrison Ford was another awful one. He saw it once it was all edited together and knew it was awful. He called Quentin Tarantino to watch it and help him save it, […]

Apocalypse Now


James Caan was in studio in 2013 talking about Apocalypse Now (a pair of lips). Said he wanted the Martin Sheen role, and it then went to Harvey Keitel before Martin Sheen got it, and then he was told that Gene Hackman got the role he wanted. He thought Robert Duvall was the best […]


2013 -Robin said she saw this and it was really good. She said it’s exciting as well as a great sports story.

Lisa Lampanelli was in studio and said she had just seen Django Unchained and 42 in one week. She spent the next week apologizing to every black man, and if she wasn’t married, […]

Presumed Innocent

1990 – Bill Maher was in studio and told the story of being in a theater watching this movie. There were a bunch of out of control teenage boys being loud and running around. Bill yelled at them to shut the fuck up and they did, but then beat him up after the movie was […]

Star Wars IV, V & VI

The Stern show and Geektime especially loved these movies. Say they still hold up. Love the “I am your father” plotline, and they use that often.

Bill Mahr was on to to a Politically Incorrect show with Beetlejuice, and when he asked about Star Wars Defense, Beetlejuice thought he was asking about this movie.

On […]

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones 1-4

Howard and Robin loved the first movie. Ralph thinks #3, with Sean Connery is the best one; Steve Brandano likes #4, as he really likes Shia LaBeouf.

Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade on IMDb 1989

Indiana Jones and the […]