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Searching for Bobby Fisher

1993 –

Howard and Robin love this movie. Especially when Howard was in his chess phase. He can’t get over this child genius.

Searching for Bobby Fisher on IMDb

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 –

Howard saw Batman v Superman and said Ben Affleck was good as Batman, but the first half of the movie sucked. 2nd half was ok.

Robin said Batman v Superman is really good. She says Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever. Howard said in an interview, Ben said his 4 year old […]

Event Horizon

1997 – Howard asked Richard about Event Horizon, and he said it was great. Says they go into a black hole and find hell is in there and it follows them around. It’s got Sam Neil and Laurence Fishburn.

Event Horizon on IMDb

Apocalypse Now


James Caan was in studio in 2013 talking about Apocalypse Now (a pair of lips). Said he wanted the Martin Sheen role, and it then went to Harvey Keitel before Martin Sheen got it, and then he was told that Gene Hackman got the role he wanted. He thought Robert Duvall was the best […]

Hannibal (TV Series)

2013 – Robin loves the Hannibal Lechter show. Says he’s always eating somebody and it’s great.

Hannibal on IMDB

Man of Steel (Superman)

2013 – Ralph saw this movie before it came out, and said that the first 50 minutes is boring. Howard is disgusted that they’re redoing this movie only to tell the same origins story that’s been told a million times. He says to get on with the story already! Seth Rogen was in to plug […]

Matrix Revolutions, The

2003 -Howard and Robin didn’t like this 3rd in the Matrix sequels. Howard thought there was too much talking, trying to explain what we’d actually seen, and it still didn’t make much sense.

The Matrix Revolutions on IMDb


Another Great Movie Poster by Doc Ivan:

Image by Doc Ivan […]

Matrix Reloaded, The

2003 – Howard and Robin liked this sequel, though not as much as the first Matrix. He didn’t like the 3rd one, Matrix Revolutions. Thought it was too much talk trying to explain what had just happened, and it still didn’t make any sense.

The Matrix Reloaded on IMDb.


Another Great Movie Poster […]

Matrix, The

1999 – Howard and Robin loved this movie. Howard was especially fascinated with Director Laurence Wachowski, who, together with his brother Andy, directed this movie, and then Laurence decided to become a woman and took the name Lana in 2008. The brothers were very private and didn’t let anyone photograph them before that point, and […]

Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1-5)

Wendy the Retard loves Freddy Krueger. She watches the movies and then calls the show with Freddy’s voice. Richard Christy loves these movies, though the Friday the 13th movies are what he watches every Halloween.

Image by @MattJacobsArt


A Nighmare on Elm Street on IMDb 1984

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part […]