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Straight Outta Compton

2015 – Howard hasn’t seen this yet. Gary said he needs to see it. Howard didn’t want to talk to Gary.

Then JD tells Howard that Straight Out of Compton is really good. He says Sal’s afraid to go see it at a theater, and will wait to see it at home. Howard wonders if […]

Donnie Brasco

1997 – Dice Clay was in studio, and he wanted Artie to do lines from this movie and The Godfather with him. Artie said he didn’t know this one as well. Howard said he loved this movie.

Donnie Brasco on IMDb

Cinderella Man

Michael Buffer called in and said Cinderella Man was the best boxing film ever. up there with Raging Bull. He didn’t really like Million Dollar Baby or The Contender. Howard, Robin and Artie agreed that Cinderella Man is not only a great boxing movie, but a great movie. Robin said it takes you through all […]

12 Years a Slave


Robin said 12 Years a Slave is a great movie, but that Brad Pitt needs to talk to her about his career. He plays the nicest white guy in the movie. She says it’s an incredible educational movie. When Howard later says Robin liked this movie, she said she wouldn’t say she liked the […]

Illusionist, The

2006 – Robin loved The Prestige better than the other magician movie that’s out, The Illusionist. Howard says movies about magic don’t work because it’s a movie and you the tricks are camera tricks. Howard did like the Illusionist, but Robin said Prestige is better.

The Illusionist on IMDb

Rock of Ages

2012 – Howard wasn’t surprised that this movie tanked. Gary said the Broadway play was great, but Howard said they don’t always translate to the movies, and the fact that they loaded it with celebrities and spent tons of money and it still tanked should tell you something. Russell Brand was in studio in 2013 […]

Barney’s Version

2010 – Paul was in studio plugging this movie. He said it was really good, but Howard reminded him that that had been what he said about the Lady in the Water movie he had made that had turned out horrible. He said he realized that, but that this one was really good. Howard and […]

Lady in the Water

2006 – Paul Giamatti was in studio to plug this movie and said it was really good. Later when he was in to plug Barney’s Version, he admitted that it wasn’t this hadn’t been a very good movie. Said he thought it was going to be good until he saw the finalized movie. M. Knight […]

Planet of the Apes (2001)

Howard really liked this one. When Mark Wahlberg was on the show, Howard said that Helen Bonham Carter was really hot. Mark said that when she was in her ape costume, she was so pretty, she looked just like Janet Jackson. Everyone cracked up, and Mark never got that he might have said something racist, […]

Howard Stern’s Private Parts

1997 – Howard says this is the only truly perfect movie. Howard has told so many stories about the making of this movie, and even twittered during a recent showing on cable–way too many to list. He had the man that was his boss Moti in the house in studio with his sons, and Howard […]