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Take the Money and Run

1969 – Howard hates Woody and thinks Hollywood is so hypocritical in embracing him after he slept with his wife’s daughter.  Artie always says his early movies are fantastic, and Artie would bring up lines from this movie “We are embarrassed of our son” and others, and Howard finally agreed this movie is funny.

When Artie was telling his attempted bank robbery story, he mentions this movie, and the misspelled note that Woody Allen hands the teller.  Artie thought the teller would know that his note was a joke.   He had handed a cute teller a note saying he had a gun, and then had signed his name, so he was sure she would know it was a joke.  But he was arrested.  His girlfriend had the charges dropped against her, but because she was over 18, her name got printed in the paper as being involved.

Take the Money and Run on iMDb

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