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2008 –  Howard and Robin thought Liam Neeson was a great hero seeking revenge in this movie. GEEKTIME! loved it.  Their favorite sound byte that they play often is Liam saying, “I will find you, and I will kill you.”  Said they were really excited about Taken 2. Ralph asked something like, didn’t the bad guys SEE the first movie?

They were talking about this movie, and Robin said that Liam can’t loose his accent when he’s in these movies.  Howard said that he didn’t have an accent in this movie, but Robin insisted he did.

JD tweeted that he has one reason not to see Taken 3, and that was Taken 2.

In 2014, Kerri Kasem was in studio talking about her father’s death.  Howard said they should send Laim Neeson over to get Casey’s body and bring it back home.  He’s the one guy who could do it.  And then Kerri would kiss him and it would then fade to black.

Taken on IMDb

Then on Sept 14, 2013, this conversation with Ralph on Twitter:

  1. DEF a YAY “: Ralph… Yay or Nay ??”

  2. i thought you agreed w/ that too much daughter in taken 2 & not enough Liam kicking butt. Still a yay review?

  3. YES…FUN and pretty much what I expected…i’ll have to watch again to grade on my new scale: SUCKED, OK, GOOD, GREAT (+REALLY)


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