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Teen Wolf

1985  & 2011 – Howard references these movies when he talks about his coming out of puberty.  He says he was a cute kid, but then…  Howard said he should have looked like the lead from the Twilight series, but instead was hit by a flying Gefilte fish.

Actually, though he and Robin call it the “Teen Wolf” syndrome, I think they’re talking about the movie “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” with Michael Landon made in the 50’s.

Michael J Fox was in studio plugging his new TV show. He said Eric Stoltz was supposed to be in Back to the Future, but he must not have been cheesy enough or rolled his eyes, so he got the part.  He had been making Family Ties, and they didn’t want to let him off to do the picture, but the 2nd time they asked, they let him go.  He’d been making Teen Wolf, which Michael says was a low-budget metaphor for puberty.  It was a hit because it was released after Back to the Future.  Afterwards, he felt he owed the producers of the show, so he stayed on the show.  Howard said it was crazy to watch this big movie star in this TV show.  Michael said if he was smart, he wouldn’t have been on TV telling Mallory to get off the phone.  Then at 29, he was told he had Parkinson’s, and had only 10 years left to work, so he took any job he could.

Teen Wolf on IMDb 1985

Teen Wolf on IMDb 2011

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