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Terminator, The, T 2: Judgment Day & 3: Rise of the Machines

1984 – Howard liked all these movies, and said Arnold was really only good when he plays a robot.

Thanks to Mutt for the heads-up that they were replaying Arnold’s interview back when Terminator 2 came out on This Day in Howard History:

Arnold called in and Howard started off saying that he had gone to see the movie and was blown away.  He said that Linda Hamilton looked great. Arnold says she worked out 2 hrs a day and got really ripped.  He said it was too bad they didn’t show her legs in the film more.  Howard said he looks like Linda Hamilton after all of his own workouts.  Howard said he took his special effects guy to the movie with him (Ralph) and he wanted to change careers after seeing that movie.  Howard said that movie cost $88 million to make, but you could see $50 million in the first few minutes of the movie.  It was a big budget movie, but you could see it on the screen and that it was phenomenal.  He asked Arnold if he laughs at Ishtar costing $67 million and looking like they were videotaping themselves walking in the desert.  He said it was scary watching the effects, and Arnold said it was even scarier making it-“trust me!”  Arnold said he knew this was another winner after he read the script.  Howard predicted Terminator 2 would make $30 million the first weekend, and would be bigger than Robin Hood.  It would be closer to Total Recall. Arnold remembered Howard had predicted that movie would make $25 million and it made $25.8, so Howard’s predictions are pretty close.  Howard said it will make even more money after the first weekend, as people were waiting for this sequel and it doesn’t disappoint.

Arnold says how lucky he is to be in this country, and Howard says Americans are weak and lazy, so no one can compete with him.  He says that’s why he’s #1 in radio.  Arnold says after the Conan movie he was surprised at how well they were liked, and then each movie got bigger and bigger.  Howard says that Predator 2 didn’t work without Arnold.  He then asked if he laughs at Sylvester Stallone and why does Mickey Rourke keep getting movie deals?  Then asked if he was really naked on the set in the movie when he’s balled up.  Arnold said yes, and joked that there could be no other man walking around with a 10 body, and that “this body can’t be duplicated.”  Howard asked if anybody saw Little Arnold on the set, and Arnold said they saw Big Arnold.  Arnold said he wore a bathrobe with nothing underneath, so that everyone saw his penis, but they filmed it late at night and not many people were there as it was a closed set.  Howard said he wouldn’t want anyone to see his small penis, and Arnold said he wouldn’t want to show his shortcomings, either.

Arnold said he gets a piece of everything from the movie, and Robin said they’re selling an Arnold head.  Arnold says it’s for Halloween. Gary said the radio station is giving away a Terminator 2 pinball machine and T Shirts.  Howard wondered about a Linda Hamilton blow up doll? And too bad Arnold was married, he could have gotten Linda Hamilton.  Howard said never in his life had he seen movie making like this.  It was an incredible action picture.  Fred liked it, too.  After they hung up, Howard mentioned that Robin had been making jokes all through the movie, and Robin was glad Howard hadn’t brought that up in front of Arnold.

In 2015 More complaining about Game of Thrones‘ Kaleesi not getting naked anymore. JD says his girlfriend has read the books and Kaleesi not only gets naked constantly, she’s having lesbian sex; having sex with anyone. She is going to be in the next Terminator movie. Howard says that’s probably why she’s not getting naked anymore because she thinks she’s a legitimate actress now, though Linda Hamilton showed her breasts in the original Terminator. Howard says maybe they should get Linda Hamilton to play the Kaleesi.

In 2015, Arnold Schwartzenegger was in studio to plug Terminator Genisys. Howard and Ralph loved it. Howard says it’s fun and the 3d is great, not distracting. Ralph says Terminator 2 is the best one. Arnold got the part in Terminator by telling James Cameron how the part needed to be played-like Yul Brenner did in Westworld: A robot would be able to put a gun together without looking at his hands. Finally James told him he should play him.

The Terminator on IMDb

Terminator 2:  Judgment Day 1991

Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines 2003

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