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Terminator: Salvation

2009 – Howard says he can’t watch without thinking of Christian Bale’s rant against the camera guy “Good for you!” He asked Ben Stiller when he was in the studio if the rant was over the top, and he said it wasn’t.  Then he played it for him, and as it went on and on, Ben started laughing and said that yes, it was a little long. Howard later talked to Ron Howard and then later his daughter Bryce, and they both stood up for Christian, that the camera guy did get in the way and spoil the shot.

In 2018, Howard was asking if Robin knew where some of Fred’s sound bytes came from. He played the “Good for you!” and Robin couldn’t remember. When Howard said it was from this movie, Robin said it was a terrible film. Howard said the reason it was a bad movie was that it had terrible lighting.

Terminator Salvation on IMDb

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