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Fly, The

1986 – Howard and Robin love this movie. Loved watching Jeff Goldblum act like a fly.  Howard and Robin were talking about while talking to Eric the Actor about how weird his feet were.  This was right before Fred got he great sound byte of “I’m club fucking footed, you asswipe!”  They were saying how so many of his features just aren’t right, and Robin said it was like the mixed brindle fly from this movie, that Eric got mixed up with something.  Howard said that Jews have lousy physiques and can never bulk up.  Robin said that Jeff Goldblum got in great shape for this movie, and Howard had to agree.

Wendy the Slow Adult had taped some tips for the show. One of them was about eating without teeth, saying she had to suck on potato chips to make them soft first. Robin said that was how The Fly had to eat. He would spit on his food first to make it soft. He had no teeth, either.

The Fly on IMDb

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