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1997 – One of the movies Howard loves to make fun of: the schmaltzy music and sappy story.  He and Fred made their own story, The Gay Titanic.  During the Tropical Storm Sandy, Gary didn’t come to work to stay home to be with his family and keep his house safe.  Howard, Robin, Fred and Shuli goofed on him continuously.  When they started coming up with scenarios where Gary’s house would be under water, Fred played Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from the movie, while Howard, Fred, Robin and Shuli talked in the Gary voice saying he would let Mary, the boys, the dog and the cat use his teeth as floatation devices during the flooding.

Howard talked about his reenacting the scene from Titanic on AGT with Howie Mandell after the group Forte sang the title song.

Image by Doc Ivan

The Titanic on IMDb

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