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Thing With Two Heads

1972 – Howard talks about watching this movie with his dad and it is so bad.  The special effects are awful, consisting of an over-sized turtleneck sweater with two holes.  Ray Millan stands next to/behind Rosie Greer trying to look like they’re sharing the same body.  The story is Ray is a racist and has to be part of Roosevelt Grier.  Says it’s totally laughable.  Robin said the funny thing is Ray Millan worked with the greats like Hitchcock.

Tim Burton was in studio at one time talking about remaking this film and The Man With The X-Ray Eyes, but said where else can I find an old washed up actor like Ray Millan?

Howard was talking about a two headed girl in the news that had announced one of the heads had gotten engaged.  Howard decided he need to remake the old classic movie The Thing With 2 Heads.  It was an awful movie with no special effects. Rosie Greer and Ray Milland wore a big T Shirt (Robin later said it was a turtleneck) and it was obvious that Ray was standing behind Rosie.  The story was an innocent man on death row decides to donate his body to science, and Ray Milland was a racist who was dying.  So they took his head and put it on Rosie’s body, but for some reason, they didn’t take Rosie’s head off first, and Rosie wasn’t dead.    Roosevelt Greer actually was the guy who tacked Sirhan Sirhan after he shot Jack Ruby.   Gary said when they went on IMDb to look up the movie, there was a listing for The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant made the year before the Rosie Greer movie and it had Casey Kasem and Bruce Dern.  Pat Priest was also in it, and Howard said that she’s the one who left The Munsters to go and do movies, and this is what she made.  Howard says they’ve got to do a remake with this girl with 2 heads.  Howard said Sharknado was the first attempt to bring back the shitty special effects movie.  Robin said that Ray Milland was actually a respected actor, but he had made X:Man With The X-Ray Eyes, so his career had dropped off.  Then Robin said it would have to have a Graduate ending when Howard realizes she is being married to someone else. During the I Want to Get My Grandpa Laid contest, Howard asked one of the contestants if he can use his body after he dies for this movie.

Monday 2.10.14 starts off with Mammory Lane.  Howard talks about his birthday gift, which was a $5,000 male masturbation machine.  He said his favorite gift actually was a poster from The Thing With 2 Heads

which he’d thought was called The Man With 2 Heads.

Here’s Doc Ivan‘s image of Howard’s remake:

image by Doc Ivan

image by Doc Ivan

Image by Terry Wolfinger

Image by Terry Wolfinger from

The Thing With Two Heads on IMDb

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