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This Is The End

2013 – Seth Rogen is in studio, and Howard tells him that This Is The End is really good.  It’s about Seth Rogen and James Franco with a bunch of other empty headed Hollywood people at James’ house when the world ends.  Howard says James Franco plays a guy who is constantly ready to suck Seth Rogen’s dick, as Seth’s the writer who gets James all his jobs.  Howard asked if their real life relationship was like that, and Seth said it goes both ways.  Howard asked Seth about the story that Barbra Streisand’s son was jealous of her relationship with Seth during the filming of The Guilt Trip. Seth said that James Franco really drank piss, like Divine ate shit in Pink Flamingos, which Howard saw when he was high at a midnight showing and it was too much for him and he freaked him out.  Emma Watson from Harry Potter movies is in Seth’s movie and he says she’s really small and very pretty, though he realized she was going to be hot in the first Harry Potter movie.  Seth called that the pervy moment for the world when everyone realized she was going to be hot.  Seth said she was great in the Perks of Being a Wallflower.   Howard asked Seth if he was worried that he might get an X rating for this movie, and Seth said they’d heard that Team America got their sex scenes by the censors by filming it much more graphic than they wanted, knowing the censors would tell them to tone it down to what they wanted originally.  Seth said there is a scene where the devil is fucking Jonah Hill and they show his penis, so they decided to make it very large and veiny, and the censors let it pass.  Howard guesses the reason is that it was a monster dick, not a real one.Howard watched it on his iPad.  Seth said his movie is coming out the same weekend as the new Superman Man of Steel movie, and they talk about how ridiculous it is that they’re telling the same Superman story of him growing up with the same farmer father to instill values and the same villain.

Gary said he watched this movie with his son, and it’s really dirty.  There is a scene that goes on for like 4 minutes all about masterbation, and he felt really uncomfortable.

JD tweeted: “This is the End” opening the same week Kim/Kanye’s baby is born…Coincidence? I don’t think so.

This is the End on IMDb

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