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Stern Show This Week

Week of 3.11.19

Howard again complaining about how dark Walking Dead is. He says the new trailer for Game of Thrones is too dark to watch, too. Says it’s these new directors who’ve gone to school and who think they need to go for realism, but it’s too fucking dark. Robin says The Umbrella Academy is really good. Howard says there’s a really good documentary on Punk rock that’s really good. Robins says she won’t be tuning in for that. Talking about his new puppets of Ronnie and JD, Howard says he’s gonna study JD like that guy did who played Lincoln. Talking about his book promotion, Howard said years ago he went on The Larry Sanders Show’s  show to promote. Howard said the Aretha Franklin tribute is pretty good.

Week of 3.4.19

Talking about the Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland. Ralph said it was very disturbing, but worth watching. He’s upset that the guy’s dead and they’re accusing him of all this stuff. Robin watched it and said it was believable. There was no other explanation that the boy would have known the particulars of Michael Jackson’s penis unless he’d been abused. From Howard said he watched The Walking Dead too. He said it’s getting long in the tooth but he’s sticking with it. Robin said she keeps seeing the promo for the show Maggie is on and she wonders why she left that show for this.

Week of 2.25.19

Lots of Academy Awards Show talk. Howard and Robin really liked Crazy Rich Asians. Howard says Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing and Malcom X were excellent movies and deserved an Oscar, but he didn’t think BlacKKKlansman was that good. It’s a good movie but not great. Howard said he likes the new Star Trek show. He watched it once they put it on iTunes. Howard liked the movie about Motley Crew on Netflix. Howard’s still watching The Bachelor. Gary Clark, Jr. was in studio. He did a version of the Beatles’ Come Together for the Justice League movie.

Week of 2.18.19 Presidents’ Day Vacation Week Days Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page. 

Week of 2.11.19 Presidents’ Day Vacation Week Days Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 2.4.19

Howard still loves Gotham. Jon Hein loves The Kaminski Method and The Good Fight. Howard said Sal’s dad is straight out of the Sopranos. Lots of Bachelor talk. Richard Christy was too angry his team didn’t make the Super Bowl, so he refused to watch the game. He said he watched The Goonies instead.

Week of 1.28.19

David Alan Grier was in studio. He’s in the new show, The Cool Kids. Howard used to love him on In Living Color. Talked about his impression of Ike Turner and the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It? Howard said he worries that other guys are always jealous when they see him out with Beth, so he’s gonna start having her wear a fat suit when she goes out, like it Shallow Hal.

Week of 1.21.19 Off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Replay of Howard’s 60’s Birthday Bash.

Howard said he likes the female agent on The Punisher. Ralph said they’re going to make a prequel to the Sopranos, with James Gandolfini’s son.

Week of 1.14.19

Bachelor and Celebrity Big brother talk. Comedian Sebastian Maniscalo was in studio. He’s in the Green Book.

From Howard said he has to see that new Keanu Reeves movie Replicas. JD said it’s not getting good reviews. Howard said he bets John Wick doesn’t either. JD said he thinks it did.  Howard took a call from a guy who asked if they’re going to see the new M. Night Shyamalan movie ”Glass.” Robin said she was trying to get Howard to watch Split but he hasn’t done it yet. Howard said he has things to do. He said he likes M. Night and he was on the show years ago. He said he likes his movies. Howard asked where he can see Split. Robin said you can stream it. She said it’s probably on Apple TV or something. Robin said she loved that movie. Howard told Gary to write that down for him. Howard said Glass has 38 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Robin said that doesn’t mean anything. She said she hasn’t seen Glass yet but she did love Split. Howard said the caller says he loves it. The guy said he did. Robin said it goes back to Unbreakable and Howard did love that. Howard said he did.

Week of 1.7.19

Howard still loves Gotham, the Bachelor and The Flash. John Hein likes The Kaminski Method and The Good Fight. Sal’s dad sounds like the guy out of the Sopranos. A caller said that the story in Bohemian Rhapsody is much like Howard Stern’s Private Parts. Howard said he’s heard that before. Robin watched Surviving R. Kelley and said it was really good. Lindsay Lohan was in studio and Howard said that when his kids were young and he was going through his divorce, he would put on Parent Trap and his kids would shut the fuck up. Howard and Robin love Mean Girls.

From Howard took a call from a guy who wasn’t paying attention to the phone. He was talking to someone at work or something. Howard asked why people call him and don’t get on the line. Howard kept saying hello but the guy wasn’t listening. Howard asked the guy what he was doing. The caller said it was the inner workings of his work place. Gary asked if he works at his house because he heard a door bell. Howard said that was a bell to warn him of different ethnic groups… John Hein says Patriot is good. He said he loved Escape at Dannemora too…Howard said he was researching it and tried to figure out who ripped off who between ”A Quiet Place” and ”Bird Box.” He said they said the Bird Box book was out before John Krasinski’s movie.

The caller asked if he is worried about the Bachelor being too cheesy this season. Howard said that’s what he likes about that show. He said he doesn’t watch Love Island. He said he likes Paradise and The Bachelor. Howard said he has watched that show and it’s horrible. Gary said there’s a woman on the show who is faking the Australian accent. He said it’s pretty funny.


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Image by David Glantz @DavidGlantz3Talking of JD going out to dinner and eating antelope and other assorted endangered species:

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Week of 4.3.17

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