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Thor: The Dark World

2013 –

Howard saw Thor and said he didn’t love it.  Couldn’t understand why the bad guys were pissed off.  Robin said this Thor was better than the first.  In June of 2014, Howard said he’s panicking, thinking he’s way behind on watching all the new superhero movies.  He said he did see the 2nd Thor, which was shit.

Thor: The Dark World comes out this weekend, and Howard said that this will be an all nerds weekend, calling for a Nerd Alert from Austin Powers.  Call of Duty Game is also coming out, so Howard said if Robin wants to get laid by a nerd this weekend, they’ll all be tied up.

Steve Brandano said the weakest part of the movie was Natalie Portman.

CORRECTION:  It had been originally written here that Ralph said he was annoyed whenever Loki came on the screen and the girls swooned.  IMDB-A now is printing a traction:  In June or 2014, Ralph Tweeted a rebuttal:  DUNNO what u guys are talkin about but whoever quoted me is a DOPE! Said NOTHING CLOSE to that..LOKI was BEST PART!What girls? Still have NO IDEA WTF ur talking about, saw a private screening…don’t think there were even any girls there!

Thor: The Dark World on IMDb

Ralph tweeted this poster from a fan:



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