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Howard loved it.  Ralph said the costume, helmet and hammer all were great. Tom Hiddleston was a great villain, and Kenneth Branaugh was a great director, and both of these men have been guests on GEEKTIME! for Ralph to kiss their collective asses. Tom Hiddleston said that Kenneth Branaugh would tell him to do each Loki scene 3 ways, as Clint Eastwood, James Mason and Peter O’Toole and see which one worked best.  Tom Hiddleston also did a great imitation of Alan Rickman from the Terminator, and he taped a show bumper for them in that voice that they play often.  Later, in 2013, Robin said she didn’t like the movie, though she thought Loki was a great villain.

Howard loved this movie.  Said he didn’t like the comic book growing up, and is always afraid that they’ll ruin comic books anyway, so he didn’t think he’d like this one.  But he thought it was really good.  The weakest part is Natalie Portman, Thor’s love interest.  Says she looks like a fidget next to Thor.  Steve Brandano was very excited to say that he met Natalie Portman at Comicon.

Thor on IMDb

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