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Three Stooges (best shorts) 1939 – 1949


Image by Doc Ivan

Howard, Fred and Jackie loved the Three Stooges–just anything they were in were funny.  Billy West does an amazing Larry Fine impersonation, and they used him in many bits, Larry Fine at Woodstock, Larry Fine helping Martin Luther King Jr. write his “I Had A Dream” Speech.  Fred used sound bytes from these shorts.  The best one is Curly that Fred uses in comparing Liza Minelli or Kathy Lee singing.  Or he’ll use a sound byte of them scuffling when Howard or Robin are talking about a fight.  Billy West recorded an impression of Larry Fine talking with Allison Steele in a Woodstock Minute talking about the little known fact that he was at the concert talking with Country Joe and saying “I’m warning you, stay around from the mushrooms.”

Howard said there was a movie made about the real Three Stooges lives, and it was really depressing.  They never made any real money, and they all had sad lives.

Tom Bergeron had recorded several interviews with Larry and Moe starting when he was 16 and they were old men.  He was in studio and told Howard about it.  Howard asked him to look for the tapes.  Tom later found the old tapes and the Tapes Team restored them and put together a Three Stooges special with Tom narrating.

Making fun of Baba Booey’s collection of vinyl, Howard said that he has the complete vinyl Three Stooges editions.

In 2013, Steven Tyler was in studio talking to Howard about the tough job of being the lead singer in a band, and how the bandmates don’t understand..  He said he’d be working, and would see his bandmates sitting watching the Three Stooges.

When Scott the Engineer comes in to “fix” something, he comes in slowly and dejectedly and Fred started singing this theme song.

In 2013, after the Asiana plane crash and a San Francisco news channel reported prank names of the pilots, Some Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk,  Howard likened the pilots to the 3 Stooges.

Talking about Bill Maher bringing up Howard’s comment from 12 years ago, Howard said it’s like the 3 Stooges’s Niagara Falls, as his “Slowly I turned.”

Howard said they found an old forgotten 3 Stooges short in Australia. He says “Let me guess. They get in trouble and hit each other.”


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