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To Be Takei

2014 – George Takei in studio.  He’s talking about his new documentary, To Be Takei.  George Takei in studio.  He’s talking about his new documentary, To Be Takei.  There’s a scene where they drive by a billboard with a picture of William Shatner over his mouth and George says thats where it should be. Richard saw it and said it was awesome.  Said you get lots of insight into Brad and all the work that he does.  Richard said the best thing about the movie is learning more about Brad.   George says Howard opens the movie and has a wonderful comment, but that Brad steals the show.  After talking about their sex life and George taking the leftover soaps from hotels, Howard said that they left all the good stuff out of the documentary. Howard’s agent, Don Buchwald saw it and loved it.

Artie tweeted:  Watching my old friend George with his husband Brad on their documentary (To Be Takei.)It’s great. Watch it. Miss & love u George,

Robin saw the George Takei documentary (To Be Takei.) and said they are the cutest couple ever.  George is always complaining about Brad’s weight, but Robin says there’s a scene where they’re driving around and George is feeding Brad potato chips.

To Be Takei on IMDb

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