To The Wonder

2012 –  JD was being interviewed by the Howard 100 News about this movie.

DISCLAIMER:  This quote is deciphered to the best of my ability after listening to the story on Howard 100 News three times:

“It’s not – I’m not a visual –  I’m not into visuals, I’m not into poetry that much and I don’t want movies as poems and that what basically this is.  It’s not a lot of dialogue it’s just not my thing.  If you like Terrence Malick and you don’t want any kind of a story you’ll like it.”  When Shuli asked him if he wants to rate it on his “um” scale, he said ” You know what, on my personal um scale I don’t even want to put in on an um scale because I respect the filmmaker too much.  You’re either all in or all out on a Malick movie.”

And then Jason Kaplan tweeted: “Listening to @jdharm give a review of a Terrence Malick movie is almost as painful as watching a Terrence Malick movie.”

To the Wonder on IMDb

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