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Tommy Boy

1995 – David Spade was in studio and talked about working with Chris Farley.  He said it was Lorne Michael’s idea to have them work together.  He said he and Farley would do try anything that they thought might be funny, and the director let them go with it.  He trusted their ideas as they were two funny guys driving across Ohio trying to sell brake pads.  Howard said the two of them were a great comedy team.  They were still shooting Saturday Night Live and would fly to Toronto every week to film this movie and Chris was pretty much getting out of control by this time, and because of that, Chris was signed to a 2 picture deal for half a million.  When this film was a huge success, David was able to get more money for Black Sheep, the next movie they did together.

David Spade was in studio plugging Joe Dirt.  Howard said he really needs this one, as he hasn’t had a good movie since Tommy Boy.  David said it was good, but admitted that his last few had not been too good.  Howard said that he really needs a success this time.  Beetlejuice was in the studio, too, and he said that Tommy Boy had been alright.  David introduced his new assistant, which turned out to be a cute girl who had actually be up for the job before against Skippy.  David said he had thought he needed a guy to carry equipment, but Howard said he got a girl so that now he can always kick her ass if she goes crazy like Skippy did.

Tommy Boy on IMDb

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