2015 –  Judd Apatow was in studio a few weeks before this movie was released. He said he had been listening when Howard interviewed Amy Schumer and knew that he wanted to work with her. Amy Schumer came in a few weeks later, thanking Howard for getting her on Judd’s radar. Howard said he saw it and really enjoyed it. He wanted to know who dresses her. He said in the movie she shows lots of skin. She said the lady who dressed her for the movie really nailed her character. Her clothing always makes you feel uncomfortable thinking that she forgot her pants.

JD tweeted:

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
Finally saw “Trainwreck”. Loved it. Nice job @amyschumer & @JuddApatow@iamcolinquinn was ok I guess.

Trainwreck on IMDb

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