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Tropic Thunder

2008 – Howard, Robin and Artie loved it.  Said the term going “full retard”was genius, and in reference to Sean Penn not winning the Oscar for I Am Sam.  In Jan of 2013, Robin said that that was one of her favorite movies, one that makes you stop in the middle of whatever you’re doing to watch whenever it’s on.

Ben Stiller was in studio in 2006, and Howard again told him that Tropic Thunder was the greatest.  Robin said to him it was so good, she couldn’t believe it was his movie.  Artie said the Jack Black speech was the best, and that the blackface was really ballsy.  Howard said even better than the blackface was Simple Jack and going full retard and being told that you never go full retard.  Ben said that Steven Speilberg’s company produced the movie, and Howard asked him about being yelled at by Speilberg during the filming of Empire of the Sun.  Ben said the story is, there was this long 8 minute shot that panned to him and Christian Bale at the end, and Ben was supposed to say something and he screwed up his line, so he said “Can we just cut this?”  And then Steven yelled, “What was that? No one yells cut!”  He says Steven is very nice to him now.

Ben knew he didn’t want to direct  Zoolander (went over budget and he had to put in his own money), or Tropic Thunder and wanted someone else to direct those two.

He said he got the idea for the movie during the filming of Empire of the Sun, because so many of the actors were playing prisoners of war and were taking their roles so seriously.  There were a lot of Vietnam War movies coming out about that time, too, and these actors talked of going to boot camp to get into character.  Ben said he came up with an idea for a sketch calling it Post Platoon Syndrome for all these actors who returned from filming these movies thinking they’d be stars..

Tropic Thunder on IMDb

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