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True Lies

1994 – Howard and Robin loved this movie.  Said it was funny and had lots of action.  Special effects and stunts were great.  Howard said this was Jamie Lee at her hottest.  This movie gave Tom Arnold a career after his divorce from Rosanne.  They said this movie made the difference in Tom Arnold’s career, as he’d been seen as only working because he’d been married to Rosanne.  He was great in this movie, and his career took off after this.  Howard had thought that the casting of Tom Arnold had been a mistake, but after he saw the movie, thought that Tom was great.  Arnold had come into the studio right after this movie was released, because he was so happy when he heard that Howard and Robin saying on air how great this movie was.  He said he had so many people coming up to him telling him that they had heard Howard and Robin saying they loved the movie, he wanted to come in and thank them.  They told him that they loved the scene with Arnold on the horse.  Howard said he’d be on a horse in his next movie, and Robin reminded him how he rode a donkey as the Virgin Mary on his old E! show, and how it hadn’t worked out well.  They also told him they loved the scene in which he drops the tape recorder when Jamie came into the room naked.  He said that wasn’t planned, that was his reaction when he saw her.  His mouth fell open and he dropped the recorder, and they later liked the take, so it stayed in.  He said he was very happily married, and nothing happened with Jamie Lee during the filming of the movie, though he said she was beautiful and very sexual.

True Lies on IMDb

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