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Turner & Hooch

1989 – Henry Winkler was in studio. Gary came in and said that he’d been fired from directing this movie, and that he hated Tom Hanks. Henry said it was true, 13 days into filming he was told they weren’t “seeing it in the dailies.”  Howard said that he must hate Tom Hanks. Henry said no, but he really loved Hooch, the dog. When Howard asked him to swear to God that he didn’t hate Tom Hanks, Henry just smiled and didn’t say anything. Henry also said that he gave Angela Bassett her first acting role in this movie, it was less than a line, but she took it. Howard said it was ironic that she got to stay on the film but that he got fired. Howard asked Henry if he ever saw the movie, and he said he hadn’t, and didn’t know how well it did at the box office.  Robin said it was a “decent” movie and it did pretty well.

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