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2000 – Matthew McConaughey was in studio and Howard asked him about being arrested for playing bongos naked while high at home.  Howard said he saw him in U-571 which he said was really good, but Howard first started hearing about him after Time To Kill   He dated Ashley Judd after that for awhile.  Robin said no one took their clothes off in this movie and  Jon Bon Jovi is in this one also.  Howard missed when he dies, but Robin said that’s what war’s like, you don’t even see your friend die. Howard said he and Bon Jovi went to a comedy club during the filming of the movie and heckled a comedian. No naked women, either, but there’s lots of blowing stuff up, so Howard’s ok with it.  Bon Jovi had to cut his hair for it.  Harvey Keitel is in it as well, and Howard wants to know if he’s from Pluto.  Gary said it wasn’t so much as heckled, it was making noises while the guy was trying to do his act.  Speech Impediment Man called in and said it was the CP Comic.  Matthew apologized for making fun of the CP Comic and said he was drunk.  Howard said he’s really good in it.  It’s real believable when he’s the captain of the boat.  Howard said he also liked him in Dazed and Confused.  He was in Contact with Jodie Foster, and a caller said she was like a cold fish.  He said, no, she’s very sexual, but they didn’t have any relationship.  Another caller said she loved him in Edtv

U-571 on IMDb


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