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Walking Dead, The (TV Series)

2010 –

In November, 2014, Richard got a guest starring role:

Richard Christy on Walking Dead

Richard Christy on Walking Dead

In February 2019: The Walking Dead too. He said it’s getting long in the tooth but he’s sticking with it. Robin said she keeps seeing the promo for the show Maggie is on and she wonders why she left that show for this.

In November of 2014, Howard said Walking Dead was great this week.  He said last week’s was a clunker, but they’re allowed one a season because the show is so good.

This is a series that Howard and the gang, along with GEEKTIME! really love.  Howard said one time he was trying to sleep on a plane and Ralph was next to him.  Ralph was laughing like a crazy Robert De Niro in Cape Fear while he was watching this show, keeping Howard awake and annoyed.

Howard said the only problem with World War that there are too many zombie movies out now, and The Walking Dead does it so good.

Howard says that Walking Dead is smart.  They keep adding new characters to keep it interesting, unlike True Blood.

In December, 2013, Howard said Sunday’s Walking Dead was a really great mid-season finale.  He said the last 3 had been good.  He thought it was a great idea to go into the Governor’s camp with a whole other story line.

In March 2014, Howard said this week’s Walking Dead is Great, and Robin said every time she watches, her heart is in her throat the entire time.

In April, 2014 A caller asked Howard if he’s heard about the prequel to Walking Dead they’re making.  Howard said the prequel would be Walking Alive-he’d rather see what happened before the virus hit in flashbacks that are in the show.

Sept, 2014, Howard was talking about people telling us we need to be prepared.  He says after watching the Walking Dead and The Strain, he sees people preparing and then someone comes along and steals all your shit anyway.  If a big catastrophe comes, Howard said we’re better to just go peacefully in the first wave.  If you need to be prepared, it’s not worth it. The ones that have stayed alive wish they were dead. Robin says there’s got to be law and order but also comfort, as the vampires even took off the internet and TV.  They are no fun.  He sees what these people are going through and being prepared is just a waste of time. He says The Strain in the best show on television now, but then says there’s also Boardwalk Empire and Ray Donovan – there are so many good shows on TV now.

In February, 2015, Robin thinks Walking Dead has turned into a soap opera.  She said there’s no time for feelings during an apocalypse.  She said it took one guy an hour to die.  Howard said it’s still great.

Jon Hein (@jonhein)
Caught up on last night’s #WalkingDead – woah. Best ep since it came back from the break. Great acting. Well done.

The Walking Dead on IMDb

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