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Weekend at Bernie’s

1989 – Howard thinks this movie is great.  He brings it up all the time, usually when talking about someone boring or stiff being the perfect person to play the Bernie part.  It was usually Tom Chiusano.  In 2013, Robin was doing a news story about no one wanting the body of the Boston Marathon Bomber.  Howard said to give the body to him and Robin.  They’d sit next to him, put sunglasses on him and take him on tour, a la Weekend at Tsarnaev’s.  When Johnny Carson made a guest appearance on David Letterman, Johnny said he was so overwhelmed with the response from the crowd he couldn’t talk, and Howard said, “What is he, a puppet?”  Howard said Johnny was always like that, someone had been under the desk working his body all those years. Was like a scene from Weekend at Bernie’s.

Craig Gass was in studio as Sam Kinison, and said that he wanted to do Son of the Beach guest star role, too.  Howard said he could be a dead body washing up on shore, and Robin said it could be like Weekend at Bernie’s (Sam’s)

They played the clip after Stuttering John’s wedding when Jackie and Nancy got drunk and Jackie passed out in the bathroom and everyone was banging the door into his hear.  They said it was like Weekend at Bernie’s and Days of Wine and Roses.

In March, 2014, Howard was talking about the leader of the God Hates Fags church dying.  Howard wants to remake Weekend at Bernie’s with the God Hates Fags Fred Phelps’ body, and take him to a gay bar.

September of 2014, Kerri Kasem was in studio talking about the fight over Casey’s  body, and trying to get it back here from Norway.  In October Kasem’s body is STILL traveling.  The dead Casey Casem was calling in with updates as to where his body is.  Robin said it is truly turning into Weekend at Bernie’s.

Image by @preemiememe of Stern Fan Facebook Superfans

Image by @preemiememe of Stern  Facebook Superfans

Weekend at Bernie’s on IMDb

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