What’s Love Got To Do With It?

1993 – Jackie tells Howard that this movie is hysterical.  It’s the story of Tina Turner, and there is a scene where Ike is beating her mercilessly. Jackie says Ike stops beating her for a second to take off his shoes, all the while holding her down, and then continues to beat her with his shoe. Fred plays fighting sound effects while Jackie’s talking.

That same year, Ike Turner was in studio. He said the movie wasn’t true at all, but that’s Hollywood. He wrote his own book to tell his side. Robin said in the movie, Tina was this sweet virgin. Ike didn’t know if he’d ever been a virgin, plus she’d already had a child. They were more like brother and sister than lovers, and it took them 4 years to sleep together. He also claimed they never married.

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