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Wolf of Wall Street

2013 –

They were talking about Wolf of Wall Street.  Howard said it was really good, but too long.  Robin said the Leonardo DiCaprio performance was incredible, and he could win an Oscar for that.  Jon and Gary had Sal in the WUS to compare this movie with his dealing when he worked on Wall Street.  Even Ronnie said he loved the movie

Jon Hein tweeted he saw this and it was really good.  On the Wrap Up Show in early 2014, Jason said he hasn’t seen Wolf of Wall Street and said all he knows about stocks is from the movie Boiler Room

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  1/16/14, 12:26 AM    “Wolf Of Wall Street” is so f’ng good. The “cerebral palsy” segment is one of the best things ever filmed.

Jonah Hill was in studio and said that Martin Scorcese said he filmed Wolf of Wall Street like it was like it was the last of  a trilogy after Goodfellas and Casino.  John Berenthal from Walking Dead (who is also a boxer) has a scene where he has to punch Jonah in the face and Martin Scorcese didn’t think it looked real enough, so Martin asked Jonah if he could hit him for real.  He looked at Leonardo to see what he thought, and Leonardo looked away, and Jonah interpreted that as telling him that Martin knows what he needs and even Leonardo doesn’t question it, so he said ok. Said it didn’t hurt as bad as he thought, but hurt later for days.   Leonardo got a nomination, too, and Howard said he should, because his performance was great.  Jonah said he only made $60,000 for Wolf of Wall Street. He said that was the least amount they could legally pay him, but he would have sold his house and given Martin the money to have that part.  He told Leonardo that he wanted that role after reading the script and he would kill any other actor trying to play that part, so they might as well hire him.  Howard asked him if he’ll continue to make funny movies, and he said that he just finished making the sequel to 21 Jump Street, which Howard really liked.  He talked about having the most fun sitting at the Wolf of Wall Street table at the Golden Globes. Howard asked him what he thinks about Woody Allen refusing to go to the award shows, and Jonah said that we know Woody obviously makes some odd choices. He said Blue Jasmine was one of the best movies of the year.  Jonah talked about having to pull out a fake penis during the film, and he thought the best line at the Golden Globes was when Amy Pohler said “If I wanted to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party, I’d go to one of his pool parties.”

Howard said that Breast Picture of the Year was won by Wolf of Wall Street. Mr. Skin said that had a lot of sex scenes going on in it. He said it was just fantastic.  The girl who plays Leonardo’s 2nd wife has a great nude scene.

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay)
#WolfOfWallSt Review – entertaining w/ solid acting but ultimately shallow and derivative. Grade B. What do you think?

Wolf of Wall Street on IMDb


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